If you’ve been involved in a car accident and are planning on filing a personal injury or property damage lawsuit, there are several legal terms you should be aware of so you have a better understanding of your case and what is involved.

Negligence per se. This term means an act that is in and of itself careless, and once the commission of the act has been established, it is no longer required to show any additional evidence of fault. Should a driver be involved in a car accident, he or she may be considered “negligent per se” if they have broken a traffic law, such as driving above the speed limit and causing an accident.

Total loss. If the cost to repair a vehicle is greater than its value or if the vehicle simply cannot be repaired, this is considered a total loss. In these types of situations, the driver’s insurance company would offer the current cash value of the vehicle.

Actual cash value. This term is simply another way to refer to a vehicle’s current market value when a property damage claim is filed and the vehicle requires repair. This actual cash value is determined based on what the vehicle would have sold for just prior to it being damaged or, in a more severe case, destroyed.

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