In Florida and nationwide, many accident victims have something in common: this is the first time they’ve ever had to look for legal services. With such an important decision, finding accurate information about local attorneys is crucial.

Of course, you should never select an attorney based solely on something you see on TV or read online. Only a personalized consultation with an expert lawyer can give you the facts you need to make an informed choice – including whether or not to work with a given legal team.

Sadly, there is one way many legal consumers get steered wrong: Lawyer referral services.

Legal referral services may seem convenient, but they are not required to follow the ethical and legal guidelines of an actual lawyer. This often means that working with a referral service will give you an inaccurate impression of the best way to advance your legal claim.

Let’s look at some specific reasons referral sites can cause trouble:

Lack of Quality Assurance

In Florida, lawyer referral services are not required to offer a high level of assurance that you are receiving accurate, authentic, high-quality recommendations. They are not comparable to, for example, a site like Angie’s List that exclusively uses consumer and peer reviews.

No Meaningful Difference

Attorneys and law firms who happen to be associated with a referral service do not have any special qualities or capabilities. On the contrary, the selection process for such a service is often based on whether or not the attorneys will pay a monthly fee to the service.

Lack of Relevant Experience

As an accident victim, your top concern should be selecting a lawyer who is experienced in your specific problem area. That has to be someone with relevant skills and experienced track record, whom you feel you can trust. Attorneys on referral services often lack the necessary insights to help you.

Get a Free Consultation to Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Here’s an interesting point: Most Florida lawyers are more than willing to talk for free about your case. For the best results, you should go directly to an attorney site, gather the information you need, and then move forward on a consultation based on your initial research.

Although it’s valuable to select a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident, doing your own research will help you gain the confidence to pursue your case. You are far more likely to meet the right attorney for you after reviewing local law firms with the correct specialties.

To schedule a free consultation with a Hollywood, FL, personal injury attorney, call 844-SFL-PAIN. We’ll help you go right to the source and select the best attorney to help protect your legal rights.