A pair of teenage boys made headlines when they went missing at sea about two years ago during a fishing trip in Florida. Last month, the family of one of the boys filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the other boy’s family, alleging that negligence in permitting the boys to venture off on the vessel during poor weather conditions resulted in their deaths.

According to the lawsuit filed by the mother/plaintiff, her son was allowed to sleep over his friend’s home so the boys could go river fishing the following day. The mother believed that neither of the boys would have been allowed to take a vessel into the water if an adult was not on board. Per the lawsuit, however, the defendant had a family member who was aware the boys intended to go fishing and even gave them money to use towards purchasing fuel for the vessel. The vessel lacked safety features such as an emergency beacon and radio. It is believed that rough storm conditions would eventually cause the vessel to capsize.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement released a report last month concluding that the accident could have been avoided and an “egregious lapse in judgment and failure to exercise due care” led to the boys’ disappearance and possible deaths.

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