hurricane irma property claim

We Will Help You File Your Property Damage Claim

Let a skilled attorney help you file your claim! Insurance companies have their experienced professionals reviewing your claim whose job is to find reasons to pay as least as possible, or deny your claim all together. Simple mistakes or omissions in the filing of your claim can delay the process, or even disqualify you from getting the money you deserve. Do not risk it- Let us help you with the claim filing process while you focus on your family and rebuilding your property.

Independent Appraisals

We work with adjusters who will prepare an independent appraisal of your property and assess the damages after a thorough inspection of your property. We want to make sure that nothing is missed and that you get paid for all damages.


We handle all litigation in your case. If the insurance company is not providing you with what you deserve, we will rigorously fight for your rights in and out of the courtroom. We have years of litigation experience and will be happy to litigate your case. We also have the experience in negotiating with insurance companies to get you the payout that you deserve.



We Do Not Charge You Upfront Fees

We do not recover any fees unless we are able to recover a settlement for you. If we have to file suit, we do not ask you for any money. That is right, you do not have to pay our fees for litigation – we get paid by the insurance companies if we prevail.

You can contact us by calling 844-735-7246 or by filling out the form below. When filling out the form, please include the name of your current insurance provider.